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Address: Dawenkou Plaster Industrial Park, Tai'an, Shandong
Toll free number:+86-400-0303-655(Main contact)
Sales telephone:+86-538-8158828  
Service telephone:+86-538-8158829
Manager Yan:+86-13905489699      15105381901
Manager Zhang:+86-15905381907
Zip Code:271000 

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President’s Oration

Dear friend:
First of all, thank you for your continued support to our company!
Support, thanks community friends for help and love, our company to a rapid and healthy development today, and advanced ranks in the domestic hoisting machinery design, manufacturing and maintenance.
Tianyi people with quality and credibility to win the market, no matter when and where, Tianyi people will provide the products you need for you, and in an efficient, fast,  value, perfect services to meet your needs.
Tianyi people "to create Tianyi performance, revitalize national industry" as its mission, uphold good faith, rigorous and pragmatic work style, the company is committed to creating a more brilliant performance, and strive to open up new space for heavy machinery!
Welcome friends from all walks of the society to Tianyi company study cooperation, harmony and win-win, create albert!