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Company Profile

Taian Tianyi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. Since its inception, the company has been upholding the corporate tenet of “making persevering self-improvement, and serving the country through industries”, having built up the industry well-known “Tianyi” brand.

The annual sales of Tianyi Heavy Industries maintain a momentum of constant rapid growth. On September 27, 2013, Tianyi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. was successfully listed at Qilu Equity Exchange Center, becoming the only listed private construction machinery enterprise at the foot of Mount Tai. The company’s production base is located at the birthplace of the Chinese civilization, “dawenkou”, backed by the majestic Mount Tai, covering an area of 70 mu, with a plant building area of 27,000 square meters, and fixed assets of 80 million yuan.

Tianyi Heavy Industries is an equipment manufacturer with a focus on “construction machinery”. It has entered the field of automobile cranes and concrete pumping equipment manufacturing. The leading products include concrete machinery, lifting machinery and other series. Prompted by the high-quality and high-reliability products, the company’s lifting machinery has gradually grown into a preeminent domestic brand of small automobile cranes. The company has introduced the R & D team of industry's benchmark companies for their concrete Machinery, carrying out research and manufacturing based on their hydraulic technologies that have been leading the industry for many years. We are determined to overcome the difficult period of the industry, and establish a new model known for “creating values for customers” at the advent of the era of meager profits in the industry.

Adhering to the business philosophy of “creating values for customers”, Tianyi Heavy Industries invests 3% of the total sales annually in R & D, being dedicated to upgrading products to domestic leading level. It has established an automobile crane technology R & D center and a pumping equipment technology R&D center in Tai’an. The independently developed 28m automobile cranes have undergone the jib optimization based on finite element analysis, dynamic simulation and modal analysis, effectively ensuring the high stability and high reliability of products. The 22m pumps, 25m pumps, and 28m pumps are developed by the company’s industry leading R & D team based on the two-decade precipitation of hydraulic technology, while taking into account the actual application conditions of the townships in China, which integrate reliability, safety, durability, and economical efficiency, marking that Tianyi’s advanced hydraulic technology has reached the leading level. With the constant development of China's new rural construction, Tianyi Heavy Industries will dedicate their efforts to build modern new villages, and lead the development of the third and the fourth-tier markets in the area of construction machinery!

Tianyi Heavy Industries has a perfect agent system and a service network In China, and in the world, Tianyi’s business has expanded to India, South Africa, Vietnam and other developing countries, and won a high reputation among users surpassing our peers.

Looking into the future, Tianyi Heavy Industries will continue to improve product quality with a new corporate image and constant innovation; sticking to the target of meeting customer needs, we are creating customer values with in dedicated, professional, and specialized manner, making unremitting efforts to revitalize the national industry.

In the future, Tianyi Heavy Industries is doomed to develop into an engineering machinery manufacturer with core technologies, comprehensive competitiveness, and sustainable development.

Company Profile